An Inspiring Afternoon

Posted on October 11, 2014 by Sahar Wahbeh | 4 Comments

Recently I spent the afternoon with my daughter getting inspired. We sat down with a stack of magazines, glue sticks galore and a pair of scissors each. I cracked open my Dumyé sketch book and she had a giant piece of paper to work with. As we made our way through the pages we talked, laughed and eventually tackled a chocolate mousse.

Exploring color.

Exploring nature. (Those mushroom looking trees live in the second Galapagos, in Yemen, sheltering 700 species found nowhere else on earth... ponder that for a moment)

Visual notes to self. (That round wooden music ball is a personal favorite. It was created by Berlin designers Adam und Harborth and it plays Mozart)

Exploring cultural beauty.

Pablo and monochrome awesomeness.

Crushing on fashion.

She is in her flow.

Crushing on both chocolate mousse & my creative partner for the afternoon.

There is something so therapeutic about the creative process. I would love to hear about the things you enjoy doing with your kids. I don't mean the activities you use to entertain them. I mean the activities in which you both draw satisfaction from. It could be painting, cooking, lego'ing... etc. Please share your experiences below in the comments, so we can all get inspired!

xo - Sahar

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October 28, 2014

Thank you Lauren. That means an awful lot coming from you. xo


October 25, 2014

I can not stop looking at your sketchbooks. They are absolutely beautiful. The shapes, composition, fluidity, movement…. Such a talented graphic mind. Love love love love love.

Sahar Wahbeh
Sahar Wahbeh

October 17, 2014

Thank you for sharing Sandra! Sounds like so much fun. You have to take a pic of it to share with her when she gets older. xo


October 12, 2014

Awesome Sahar…you’re an inspiring mama. Recently my daughter and I have started making “dens”. It was initiated by her actually. We use blankets, cushions, pillows to transform the dining room table and chairs into her own little castle. She spends hours under there, will often take her dolls (including her Dumye) plus her books and whatever other treasures she can find. Xx

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