Karmic Goodness® second

    The Karmic Goodness® Pinky-Promise


    While our Dumyé products are easy on the eyes, their true beauty lies within; because the values that drive our business are the same ones that steer our homes. We're manifesting all the good stuff. When you purchase a Dumyé doll you can feel good knowing that your purchase literally sets off a chain reaction of good. I think you'll agree, it's pretty awesome. 

    We Respect Mother Nature

    For we only have one.

    We have incorporate natural, organic and sustainable materials into all of our products and packaging. Our dolls bodies are made with GOTS organic cotton, their hair is spun from 100% post consumer plastic and their clothing are mostly made from cotton and linen.

    But it’s not just about what our dolls are made of, it’s also about longevity.With timeless design and quality craftsmanship our dolls are made to last.As many of our customers do,you’ll want to keep your Dumyé as a keepsake to mark the season of childhood.

    We want what’s best for our children’s health and our earth’s wellbeing. You can feel our intention in every doll.

    We Show Compassion For Our Fellow Humans

    For only we have each other.

    Dumyé dolls come in a variety of ethnicities and can be personalized just for you.We want each child to feel seen and represented.

    The making of our dolls is always ethical and whenever possible supports underprivileged women with economic opportunity.We believe empowering women and mothers is the best way to ensure children grow up loved, cared for and with hope for a bright future.

    Success is sweetest when it is shared.

      We Give Deeply

    For if we won’t, who will?

    We give back to vulnerable children through play, food and education. Each doll purchased comes with a ‘Giving Card’ that invites the owner to discover exactly how their doll has given back to a child in need. It’s an experience and a surprise every time.

    This makes a meaningful impact in the life of a child, exposes our own children to the importance and joy in giving and offers us all an opportunity to spread our maternal wings to the children who need it most. The greatest gift, is in the giving.


    It is Dumyé’s mission to bring love and light into the lives of both our children and the underprivileged children who aren't being fully accounted for. Ultimately our goal is to leave our children to a world better than the one we were born to. By driving our mission and keeping our Karmic Goodness® Pinky-promise we are on our way to doing just that. At the end of the day, it is all the little decisions, seemingly insignificant, we make along life's way that will one day get us there.



    License #PRHCE-003026778


    Shipping & Returns

    How long until my order ships?

    All items ship within 72 hours with the exception of our Personalized Designer Dolls, which can take up to 2 weeks, as they are made to order.

    After my order ships, how long does it take to get to me?

    Within the United Arab Emirates it takes 1-2 days and internationally it takes 3-5 days. Most of our international orders ship via FedEx. You will receive a tracking number by email once the courier has collected your order from our studio.

    Where does my doll ship from?

    All our dolls are handmade in the United Arab Emirates and ship from there.  

    Will I have to pay customs and duty charges?

    Please be advised that international orders may incur a customs or duty charge upon entering your country. These charges are determined and paid to your government. Dumyé does not have any control over these charges. Please touch base with your countries customs office for more details.  While we cannot guarantee it, historically speaking dolls shipped to the USA have not incurred any additional charges upon entering the country.

    Can I return my order?

    We want you to be super happy with your doll. If you're not, we would like the opportunity to make it right. You may return any order within 14 days of receiving it. Send us an email to hello@dumye.com and we will let you know what needs to happen next. Shipping is nonrefundable. Please note, our Personalized Designer Dolls and any doll that has been personalized with a monogrammed heart has been made just for you and is not eligible to be returned. If your order is defected please except our apologies and send us an email to hello@dumye.com with a picture of the defect, so we can swiftly make things right.