Art Therapy Workshop For UAE Orphans

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We promised that for every doll you purchased we would gift one to an orphan and allow them to make it their own in an art workshop...well the giving begins now!

Working in collaboration with START, a non-profit organisation founded by Art Dubai and the Al Madad Foundation, we will give nearly 40 orphaned girls and boys from around the UAE the opportunity to create their own dolls.

“The process of doll creation can be both liberating and healing. It gives the children an opportunity to self reflect, process what they have been through and control at least one piece of their world. So when someone purchases a Dumyé doll, not only does a child in their life receive a meaningful gift to laugh, play, and dream with, but an orphan does as well.” - Sahar Wahbeh, Founder of Dumyé

The children, aged from 4 to 15 years, will receive a blank organic-cotton-stuffed doll and various craft supplies to make it their own. Children younger then 4 years will receive a ready-made doll personalized by one of our loving volunteers. You can see all the fun they had making dolls in the slide show below.


Do you know someone who would be excited about what Dumyé is doing? If so, please let them know. To make it easy, you can use those social sharing buttons below.


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Sahar Mahboobi
Sahar Mahboobi

October 28, 2015

Hi there,
love the idea it is pretty inspiring the purpose is pure and constructive in every way. we ar in event management company maybe we can work together and introduce Dumye to some of our organizational clients??
let me know what you think and how we can work together.

all the best and wishing you best of luck.


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