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Posted on May 28, 2014 by Sahar Wahbeh | 2 Comments

Recently I paid a visit to children residing in a UAE social care home. It's a quiet place with separate living quarters for boys and girls and a lovely shaded playground.  The children usually find themselves here for one of three reasons: they have been abandoned by their parents, they had to be rescued from an abusive home or the child's only known parent is serving a prison sentence. 

This little guy's name is 'F'.  He is 2 years old and he arrived at the center a couple months before my visit. His native tongue is Tagalog, which I unfortunately don't speak but he did understand a bit of English. We sat together and I offered him paints - he cried. I offered him different color paints thinking he didn't like the ones I offered - he cried. I offered him markers instead - he cried... I took out my phone and showed him a picture of my new puppy - he smiled. {yeah!} From there we sang twinkle little star and any other nursery rhyme he fancied. Eventually he was comfortable enough to pick up the paints and start making some art. His drawing is the one on the bottom right, with all the awesome crazy scribbles.

Once he tired of drawing he climbed into my lap and just stayed there. Long after all the other children had returned to their private quarters, he stayed snuggled up to me and I didn't let him go until he was ready. 

What little 'F' doesn't know is that he and his friends will be among the first to benefit from Dumyé's giving program which is kicking off next month!

You can read more about how your purchases enable us to give here.

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May 28, 2014

Hello Fatima – Thank you for your interest. My visit to the social care home was organized through the non-profit START. It’s an organization based out of the UAE that brings the arts to children throughout the Middle East and India. You can find all their contact details through

Fatima haider
Fatima haider

May 28, 2014

I would like the contact info of the social care home you visited

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