Dolls Dancing In The Burj Khalifa

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Dumyé Krikor JabotianDumyé doll dressed in Krikor Jabotian

The S*uce x Dumyé dolls for START had the most incredible view from the Burj Khalifa Annex. Each one danced on a podium, aside the photo print they starred in. As people made their way through the gallery it was nothing short of magical.

Zayan The label & Sahar WahbehDumyé doll and Sahar Wahbeh both dressed in Zayan The Label

Dumyé Aysha DepalaDumyé doll dressed in Ayesha Depala

Dumyé ManoushDumyé doll dressed by Manoush

Andrea & SaharDumyé Founder and Creative Director Sahar Wahbeh & Dumyé team member Andrea Niduaza

Sahar Wahbeh, Melina Mitri, Nicola LeeSahar Wahbeh, Dumyé // Melina Mitri, S*uce // Nicola Lee, START

Everyone gathered to raise money for START and their mission to heal and educate children who have suffered with war, pain and loss. If you would like to support START by purchasing one of the one-of-a-kind dolls, enquire here or by purchasing a limited edition photographic print, do so here.

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