#MommyAndMeMonday // Animal Shelter

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Sahar Wahbeh | 0 Comments

Neeva often tells me that she wants to do what I do, except she wants to help orphan animals instead of orphan kids. For #mommyandmemonday we decided to visit an animal shelter, in my hometown, so we could give the ‘orphaned’ animals some much needed love and attention.

We donated doggie treats and went around visiting every animal in the place from ferrets to birds to bunnies. Neeva grew quite fond of one of the dogs there. She was devastated when I had to explain that we could not adopt ‘Rocky’. (We’ve already rescued 3 dogs as it is!) But her little heart couldn’t handle leaving the animal behind with no family to love it. She wept. She protested. She shouted in frustration. She couldn’t fathom my ‘cruelty’ of leaving the dog behind.

I understood her pain because on every giving trip I have done with Dumyé, I have wept. It’s emotional to see innocent children having to endure such difficult circumstances.  I wish I could ‘save’ them all. But instead I quickly bury my grief, to make way for gratitude. I have the opportunity to serve these children, bringing them a much-needed escape from their harsh reality.

I knew that day Neeva’s heartbreak would eventually pass. I only hope that her feelings of helplessness served to fuel her appetite to do good. As she grows she will learn to find gratitude even in the most desperate of situations. Because without gratitude there is no hope.


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