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Instagram could easily be called 'Mothers Unite' because let's face it that's where we all hang out. With Mothers Day around the corner, we are celebrating a handful of the moms we really enjoy following. They all have beautiful feeds, parent mindfully, love their children fiercely and set a positive example for how to live a life with the best version of themselves.

Enjoy discovering them and let us know, in the comments below, which other Instagram moms you love to follow, so we can check them out!

Daphne Oz, 9 Squares of Instagram

Daphne Oz // @Daphneoz

Healthy Living, Author & Anne of 3
Hamptons, New York 

“Doing things that let me stretch my brain and my creativity make me happier, which I know makes me a better wife and a better mother. There are definitely days that work eats into time I would rather be home with my family, but I recognize that what counts long term is how we make our kids ✨feel✨when we’re with them. I do whatever I can to make sure they know how special they are to me and how much I love them. And I want to make sure they’re getting the best version of me because they feed off of that. My motto has become: happy kids have happy parents to show them how it’s done.” - Daphne Oz

Her sunny disposition draws you in. While you don’t know her personally, she feels like a close friend, wearing her feelings on her sleeve and showing her true self even in the most vulnerable of times. She’s honest about motherhood, the challenges of balancing a soaring career with an armful of children calling you home and what she’s feeding herself and family so they can all live their best life. Her children are her soul and she is always seeking out moments to create magical memories with them.


LaTonya Yvette, top 9 of instagram
LaTonya Yvette // @latonyayvette

Stylist, Writer & Mother of 2
Brooklyn, New York 

“She is soft. And I like that. Physically. Emotionally. The part of me that spent much of my childhood fist-fighting has spent my adulthood being pragmatic. Lowering walls. The part of me that spent months of post-pregnancy tracing the lines of her stretch-marks and pinching the tub of fat that overthrew her underwear, walks slowly in a two piece- with pride. It feels good to truly love yourself the way you are. Where you are. As you are.” - LaTonya 

Her smile just makes you feel good. When she speaks of her children, family life, motherhood she keeps it real. Her posts that touch on self-doubt and naturally self-acceptance, whisper kindness to your soul. She excepts her truth as good enough and by doing so gives us permission to do the same.  


Kree Harvey, 9 Squares of Instagram

Kyree Harvey // @MissKyreeLoves

Photographer, Stylist & Momma of 1
Piara Waters, Australia

“Seeing my Mummy with my daughter has made me realize how much I want to raise my girl, exactly like I was raised. I want to teach Alaska an abundance of "life must haves". To be kind, to be honest, to be brave, to be understanding & compassionate. To not indulge, but instead to drown out the negatives. I want to raise her to feel empowered, so Alaska knows she's more than capable to be everything incredible & more. To be fierce, to take no crap, to absorb everything magical & to always feel empowered. Alaska my darling, if you're even half as incredible as your granny, then you're going to absolutely nail life.” - Kyree Harvey

Not sure there has ever been a woman more enthusiastic about motherhood. She is so excited her heart and maybe even yours is going to explode with love. You can’t help but feel energized by her, feel nostalgic over the magical way she captures childhood and laugh at the cursing she (occasionally) does in her hashtags. She is in the moment. Her daughters biggest fan. (#AlaskaForPresident) And raising her mini-me to live life to the fullest.

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Karla Quiz, 9 of Instagram

Karla Quiz // @karlaquiz

Entrepreneur & Mami of 2
San Francisco, California

“I always feel refreshed in the presence of kind + strong women. I come from a school of thought that if your truly happy and feel empowered, you make those around you feel the same!! Anyhow...The extrovert in me is dancing. If you’re a "stranger" and say HI your being warned...I'm a hugger and I like to chat.” - Karla Quiz

She keeps things fun. Equal parts joy and girl power. She’s the modern day mom loving on her girls, raising them strong and sassy, chasing her entrepreneurial dreams and lifting up ladies along the way. And with her Mexican American heritage sprinkled throughout, you can’t help but love her international vibe.

pssst... Karla's company James Fox Co is currently running a campaign to support The Gem Foundation, who care for 40+ disabled orphans in Uganda. The money raised is going to buy cloth diapers for the children and a washer/dryer to keep them clean. Details Here


Casey Wiegand, top 9 squares of Instragram

Casey Wiegand // @caseyleighwiegand

Creative Spirit, Story Teller & Mommy of 4
Dallas, Texas

“I've shared with each of them these little intimate and sweet moments.... moments in the back of presentations, moments in the quiet of the middle of the night, so many small moments where I gave more of myself when I thought that maybe I had nothing left. Yet we give again and again. Moments they might never remember but moments that have shaped huge pieces of my heart. Motherhood is truly the most beautiful gift I've ever been given. So thankful for every single piece of it.” - Casey Wiegand

She’s nostalgic. She’s thoughtful. She’s consciously creating the most beautiful and meaningful childhood for her kids to first experience and then fondly look back on. You can feel her trying to hold onto every fleeting sweet moment. It’s both heartwarming and heart wrenching because they really do grow up too fast.


The Curious Nomad, 9 Squares of Instagram

Sana Al Falasi // @TheCuriousNomad

Explorer, Shop Owner & Umm of 1
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“When was the last time you felt truly at peace? Hold that memory in your mind, & travel there whenever you need a momentary escape from the daily hustle & bustle. Or better yet, pack your bag & go there!” - Sana Al Falasi

Seeing the world through her eyes is an adventure. Maybe you will dive into her beautiful journals, get lost in a children’s book you have likely never heard of but glad you found, or follow her son through the streets of Japan, Baku, Sweden… She opens the world for her son to discover. It’s tactile, authentic and unforgettable. What a gift to grow up this way.

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