Behind The Origami Doll Collection

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Dumyé Doll Origami SketchbookIt's a clean slate. A new beginning. A new collection. Here is a peak inside the world behind our latest origami inspired doll collection.

Origami Mood Board Before the sketching, the draping and the sampling, comes the exploration. Here are some of the images, found in too many places to remember, that served as a springboard for the collection. You'll find everything from traditional origami to Givenchy to Dior. Each image serves to inspire something, such as form, texture and color. 

Dumyé Origami Swan When creating the origami forms for the dolls, things started on paper. Then those ideas had to translate into fabric. Tiny hand-stitched tacks were used to keep each fold in its place, just like on this sample of Flahn's bodice, pictured above.

Dumyé Dolls Sketchbook InspirationMany materials we use in our dolls are found long before I know what they will become. I find these little treasures in markets and on my travels. They get tucked away until their purpose is revealed, such as this beautiful rose gold rope that found it's home as Flutter's headdress.

Flahn, Flutter and Farah Now

To see them firsthand, Dumyé dolls are also available through select retailers worldwide and in our new Dumyé doll house showroom in Dubai Mall.


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