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Last week we delivered dolls to a mom and her two daughters. To make it even cuter all three dolls have matching monogrammed hearts. As the dolls have had a few days to settle in, the sweet Amanda Harper (Style Consultant at Style Me Divine) was kind enough to share these adorable pictures of her little girls and their new friends.

Amanda wrote "Just gave the girls their dolls before bed and they love them, and they both chose the dolls I had picked for them. They are so beautiful x  PS The She-roe is the mummy doll : )"

Thank you so much for letting us into your home and brightening the day of 3 little orphans who will be receiving new dolls soon!

For Tender Heart Amanda selected: Body Sand, Hair Wheat Bon Bons, Eyes Berry

For She-Roe Amanda selected: Body Sand, Hair Chestnut Side Bun, Eyes Berry

For Seedling Amanda selected: Body Sand, Hair Wheat Bon Bons, Eyes Berry

Amanda later wrote "Anna just loves her doll, such a beautiful design the long limbs are perfect for carrying her doll on her shoulders and dancing round x"

If you have received your doll we would love to see how she is fitting into the family. Send your pictures over to us here. xo

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