Ring Around The Wallflower

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Just a little something to make you smile! Wallflower is one of my personal favorites and 'Ring Around The Rosie' is one of my daughters favorite nursery rhymes.

She's Got History

Originally I designed this Dumyé classic cut dress when I was sewing a doll for my niece. I picked up some cut-off fabric from one of Marc Jacobs' older spring collections and brought the design to life. You can see how it turned out below.

I loved the dress but I didn't have enough material to include it in the collection. I searched high and low until I found this beautiful, Japanese, vintage inspired floral. I knew right away that it was the one I had been looking for. Maybe it was because it reminded me of my daughter - sweet and sassy. 

The first Wallflower doll ended up being a gift to her. The combination I selected was: Ivory body, Raven Braided Band hair and Olive eyes. You can see them here enjoying some breakfast together at Shakespeare & Co.

Psst... I also bought a little extra so I could make her a matching dress for her upcoming birthday!


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