Off To Change Someone's World

Posted on June 12, 2013 by Sahar Wahbeh | 0 Comments

Today we shipped out our first dolls and they went from one end of the world to the other: America, Australia, Hong Kong & the United Arab Emirates. 

Although each of our 6 dolls captured someone's heart, quite a few of our fans fell for She-roe! How could we blame them? She is a powerful beauty.

You probably wouldn't be too surprised to know that there were lots of mommies and aunties personalizing dolls for little girls in their life BUT we also had godfathers and grandfathers taking part. It's heart warming to see the guys getting in touch with their more sentimental side.

All the love, support and enthusiasm for Dumyé's mission has been so beautiful to witness. It is because of you, that in such a short period of time, an impressive amount of underprivileged children will be receiving a doll to make their own.

Thank you! xo

PS - The little girl in the picture above is our biggest helper... here she is helping us carry some of the dolls to the post office.

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