4 Unique Mothers Day Gifts You Want

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Sometimes they ask us what we want and we say things like 'nothing', 'for us to just be together', 'a handmade card', 'to sleep in'... you get the idea. All of this is totally true, especially the bit about sleep and handmade cards from the kids!

BUT every once in a while we see something that really tugs at our heart strings and we quietly think - 'Oh my goodness, I would love a gift like this.' We rounded up a few of those kind of gifts... you know, just in case your husband asks. ; ) Each of them are personal, thoughtful and beautiful gifts.

Pencil Portrait by Caroline Labouchere

Portraits Of The Kids

There is nothing more special then beautifully drawn portraits of our little humans. These days we take a million pictures but life always seems to get in the way of framing them up on our walls. This drawing was created by Caroline Labouchere, a super talented Dubai based artist. {psst.. she takes commissions for your fur babies too} 

Personalized Flowers by Flwr.Studio

Personalized Flowers

Beautiful flowers have a way of making YOU feel beautiful. UAE based florist Flwr Studio. They create luxurious and elegant personalized embossed flower boxes that give your family an opportunity to tell you exactly how they feel. 

 Mon Petite Poids Personalized Necklaces

My Millennium Necklace

The first thing I did when I discovered these delicate necklaces was tell my husband that I want 2, symbolizing each of our children. You can engrave the pendant with your child's name, birth weight and date of birth. Made in France, Mon Petit Poids, perfectly captures the intimacy of motherhood and the understated style of a woman. 

One-of-a-kind doll by Krikor Jabotian for Dumyé, S*uce and Start

One-Of-A-Kind Designer Doll

If you are a fashionista then getting your hands on one Dumyé's dolls dressed in your favorite designer is sure to make your heart smile. Sometime ago we teamed up with S*uce and some of the worlds most renowned fashion designers to create a collection of one-of-a-kind dolls, all benefiting the non-profit Start. You will find creations by Marchesa, Krikor Jabotian, Ayesha Depala and the list goes on. You can shop them here.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below, what you are hoping for, come Mothers Day.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you amazing women raising the next generation of awesome people. It is a tough job but we are so lucky to be doing it!


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