The Venture Accelerator Week (Day 01)

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Sahar Wahbeh | 0 Comments

After 6 months of preparation, voting and crowd funding, we are finally at the final week of The Venture! The next 7 days are dedicated to learning from some of the most inspiring people in the world, sharing Dumyé's story with a greater audience and pitching for a stake in the $1 Million USD fund. {Eeek!} Here is a behind the scenes look into what happened today.

After waking up early (there is an 11 hour time difference between Dubai and San Francisco), having some breakfast with all The Venture global finalists, we headed out to this beautiful place in Sausalito. We spent the morning getting briefed about what was coming in the week ahead... and it is pretty amazing. From training with the infamous Duarte (they created all of Steve Jobs presentations) to precious time at the Google campus where we will learn more about how we can leverage their tools to grow our social enterprises - I am ready to soak in the knowledge!

Here I am with my Dubai family. Christine Souffrant is a global finalist as well, representing the USA but living in Dubai. Soushiant Zanganehpour, in the middle, was one of the judges for The Venture in The Gulf and a mentor for The Venture global team.

Soushiant and I walked out onto the rocks looking for crabs and we found a lot! It is so nice to be out in nature...ahhhhh

We took a boat cruise around the bay, which was SO beautiful. Promise you tomorrow will be more learning less playing but...

We ended the evening with a beautiful Chivas Regal experience. I had no idea there was so much that went into making whisky and how much heritage there is behind the Chivas brand. It was a very special and unique experience to share with everyone. 

I am grateful for today and what lies ahead. I'll be sure to keep you all up to date along the way. 


xo - Sahar

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