A Syrian Refugee & His Wounded Doll

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Many times when people think of Dumyé, they think of sweet girls and their childhood dolls, but today I want to share a story with you about a boy. We met him in our last workshop held in a Syrian /Palestinian refugee camp, based in Lebanon.

We presented this boy with a blank doll, as we do with all the kids we work with. However, unlike many of the children, who design dolls depicting their ideal self, this little boy began creating a character that was seemingly terrified. Its eyes wide open, mouth frowning and eyebrows raised. He then began to cover his doll in bullet holes – head to toe. He declared his doll was done.

He left the room for a snack and a few minutes later, one of our volunteers went to speak with him. After some time and some gentle persuasion she convinced him to dress his doll, giving it some dignity. Together they sat, stitch by stitch, side by side, sewing together a shirt and some trousers, for this wounded doll. 

Later in the day I was walking through the camp and stumbled upon this brave boy and two of his friends who also participated in a workshop. They where laughing and playing together with their dolls all wrapped up in plastic. (that’s a whole other post for another day) You will notice the boy in the denim jacket also has a wounded doll. Its face is bleeding…

What these children have seen and experienced is unknown but through their dolls they begin sharing a piece of their story. For those couple hours they have permission to say what their words can’t articulate and what our society doesn’t want to hear. There is a freedom that comes with allowing their unconscious to speak on their behalf and relief from having the opportunity to express it. There is no better way to offer this to a vulnerable child then through the creative process.

THIS is why we do what we do and we are so grateful to have you helping us do it! 

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Please share our story with your friends and families so that we can extend our ability to bring love and light into the lives of not only our children but into the lives of children just like these 3 boys!


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