Learning to 'Care' At UAS Dubai

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The kindergarten students at the Universal American School, in Dubai, are currently learning what it means to be 'caring'. To help illustrate the concept, my daughters teacher Ms. Klinkhammer, asked me to come in and share our dolls, how we give back to others, why we give and what it means to be an orphan. 

When you're asked to communicate somewhat complex ideas to a group of 4 year olds, you quickly learn how to simplify. Why do we give dolls to orphans? Because they don't have a mommy and daddy there to read them bedtime stories or to make them feel special on their birthday or to kiss their boo boo's when they fall, or to gift them a toy. They don't have their parents by there side 'caring' for them. So we let the children create a special doll, that they get to keep, as a way of showing them that WE CARE about each of them.

We also spoke a bit about why we incorporate organic and sustainable materials into our dolls - because we care about our Mother Earth. One boy exclaimed - 'It is all around us!" {so cute and so true} It was important for the children to understand that not only can they care for other people but they could care about our planet and animals as well.

After sharing our story with the students we gave them a chance to either draw a picture of someone who cared about them or a picture of themselves. Most chose to draw pictures of someone who cared about them - mainly their moms and dads. The children where so excited to share their pictures!

Following my time with the children, Ms. Klinkhammer asked each of the children 'How do our parents show us they care?'. You can see all their drawings and quotes are displayed in the school hall for everyone to see.

The kids quotes are precious. Listening to what they said meant understanding what mattered most to them actually FEELING cared about. You can see in the drawing and quote above that my daughter Neeva and her daddy have a very special connection. She spoke all about how they play together. {love}

Curious what your child would say... ask them and report back in the comments below. You can simply say to them "How do mommy and daddy show you that we care about you? Is there anything we say or do that lets you know that we care?"

Looking forward to hearing your stories and have a beautiful weekend xo




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