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We love that she uses a variety of quality cottons and organic materials in her beautifully understated children’s line. We love that she produces locally in New York. We love that her company was inspired by her young daughter’s passion for cooking, something they have in common.

We first met Brooklyn based designer Odette Williams, this past summer at Playtime New York (a children’s fashion trade show) and fell head over heels. It is because she share’s many of Dumyé’s values and aesthetics we knew you would enjoy discovering her to.

Please, tell us a little bit about yourself and your childhood.
When I was really young I grew up in a typical Australian beach town suburbia. My mother was very creative and crafty so my brother and I were always doing projects with her. I had lots of aunts, uncles and cousins that lived nearby so there were lots of family gatherings. As a teenager we moved around the country a little more. Living on the West Coast of Australia for a period of time which was a great experience. I had a great childhood. My mother always said I loved a party, food and change.

 Handmade porcelain egg cup, plate and spoon created in collaboration with ceramist Jean Devine.
Linen & Organic French Terry Bib

What inspired you to create the Odette Williams line?
My kids. I design for them. As a mother I started to see how certain products that my kids and I used in our daily lives could be improved so I set about doing that. The Apron Sets came about because my daughter, Opal loves to cook and we had a cheesy vinyl set from China that I thought would be lovely if it was in 100% Cotton and the design simplified.

 Kids Denim & Pink Star Apron Sets
Kids Baking Apron Set
Kids Ice Cream Baking Set

What is your favorite recipe to make with your daughter?
Opal would vote cupcakes followed by a close tacos. With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up we'll probably make a few pies. Yum!

Set of 12 Star Cookie Cutters
Kids Denim Apron Set

How have you been able to teach your children the importance of giving back?
My kids are 7 and 4 so I really try to teach them to be kind and make sure everyone feels included and welcome. The school that they attend  is very big on community so there are lots of events through the year where the kids learn about giving back or contributing to the community.


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All images provided by Odette Williams


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