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Karmic Goodness™ is what we at Dumyé believe in. It is because of this belief that we place such importance on creating timeless dolls, made to last and with materials that are as kind to our children as they are to Mother Nature. (Learn more about Karmic Goodness Here)

This is why the fabric we selected for our doll's body is made of 100% organic cotton. That means the cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. {yucky} Investing in organic cotton is better for the environment, the farmers who grow it and for our families that welcome it into their homes. 

We then take the organic cotton and create the various doll complexions, using a homemade plant-based dye. We don't use any of the harsh chemicals found in the commercial dying process. 

Once the organic fabric is prepared we begin stitching the dolls together. We double stitch the arms and legs to ensure the dolls can endure the love children tend to give their favorite toys. We want their dolls to last through each adventure and hopefully treasured by the following generation.

The dolls are stuffed with a corn-fiber stuffing that is both hypoallergenic and sustainable.

The dolls are styled in natural (non-organic) fibers, mostly 100% cotton. We never use any glues or adhesives to attach an accessory or hair style. Everything is done with good-old-fashioned needle and thread.

The felt we use, for a Dumyé doll's hair, is spun from 100% post-consumer plastic. That means for every 1 pound of fabric utilized, we are keeping 10 plastic bottles out of a landfill. This felt is not only kind to mother nature but it is kind to mothers because it is machine washable. {hooray} Considering children like to mouth their toys and drop them in some less then desirable places, we understand how important it is to you to be able to easily sanitize them.

Ultimately Karmic Goodness is not about 'perfection', it is about values and principles. If what we believe in resonates with you, then please share our message and our dolls with someone you know. Because together we can bring love and light to not only our children but the children who have not been spoken for.

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