Vivi by Vivetta
Vivi by Vivetta
S*UCE X DUMYÉ for Start by Vivetta
Limited Edition Vivetta Print (Actual)

Vivi by Vivetta $250.00

Limited edition
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    Vivi wears a checkered dress that exudes light-hearted frivolity and femininity, embellished with designer Vivetta Ponti’s signature collar detail: two hands made of macramé lace.

    This doll was designed and personalized by Vivetta as part of the S*uce x Dumyé #27Dresses collaboration. She is one-of-a-kind.

  • Mom to Mom: This doll is not suitable for little ones under 3 years because they could chew off a hair bun or accessory and choke on it.

    Doll: Hand-crafted with 100% organic cotton - naturally dyed, stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber and hair is made of 100% post consumer plastic.

    20 in / 51 cm Tall (size may vary slightly)

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