Raluka by MLH
Raluka by MLH
S*UCE X DUMYÉ for Start by Maria Lucia Hohan
Limited Edition Maria Lucia Hohan Print (Actual)

Raluka by MLH $400.00

Limited edition
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    Raluka is the Maria Lucia Hohan fairy. She is the brand’s inspiration and watches carefully over every dress created. She fills the air with magic and your stomach with butterflies.

    This doll was designed and personalized by MLH as part of the S*uce x Dumyé #27Dresses collaboration. She is one-of-a-kind.

  • Mom to Mom: This doll is not suitable for little ones under 3 years because they could chew off a hair bun or accessory and choke on it.

    Doll: Hand-crafted with 100% organic cotton - naturally dyed, stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber and hair is made of 100% post consumer plastic.

    20 in / 51 cm Tall (size may vary slightly)

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