Karmic Goodness®

    The Karmic Goodness™ Promise

    Karmic Goodness™ represents Dumyé’s belief that one reaps what they sow, which is why we pack as much goodness as we can into what we do and what we make. It speaks to our respect for Mother Nature and our compassion for humanity. These values are used as a strainer for every decision we make, from the materials we use, to the way our dolls are constructed to the meaningfulness the dolls represent to our commitment to giving... the list goes on.

    It is Dumyé’s ultimate goal to leave our children to a world better than the one we were born to. As grand as that vision may be, it is all the little decisions we make along the way that will one day get us there.

    Below are a few details that honor our Karmic Goodness™ promise. We think you're going to care about them as much as we do.

    Dumyé rag dolls are handcrafted in our Dubai studio by Sahar Wahbeh and her small team of craftsmen. Their bodies are made from 100% organic cotton and are dyed naturally to create the various complexions. They are filled with a machine washable, hypoallergenic, sustainable stuffing. The dolls felt hair is made from 100% post consumer plastic. Their clothing is made of mostly natural materials.

    For every doll purchased we gift a doll to an orphan or vulnerable child in need. You can read more about how and why we give here.

    The dolls we gift to less fortunate children are sewn together by an NGO in one of the most poverty stricken states of India, empowering these women to be self sufficient with the proceeds going to funding the next generation of girls education. Oh, and these dolls are made with locally sourced Fairtrade organic cotton



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